My Animal Friends

Animals are reliable, full of love, true in their affections, predictable in their actions, grateful and loyal.
Difficult standards for people to live up to...

 Alfred Montapert2

" Nikky "

" Welcome "


My new Baby Boy

" Nobie"

" Energetic Healing for Animals"

Energetic Healing facilitated in a spirit-directed approach, can address physical and emotional imbalances impacting your pet. During a session following up veterinary care, you can feel more at ease about your pet 's condition with a healing that addresses and helps to relieve pain and other discomfort. Information from the spiritual intuitive session can provide you with insights into the root causes of your pet 's distress. The healing sessions can help to clear the disease at a cellular level, to balance your pet 's emotions, to eliminate your pet 's negative thought patterns so that health can be restored more easily, and to help to help your pet. If you are personally suffering from physical or emotional imbalances, it can be helpful to address these with an energetic healing. Because of the impact pet guardians have on their animals, your increased health and wellness can play a pivotal role in your pet's return to health.

" Katherine & Seabird "
Happy 24 Birthday ,Seabird
Feb 03.2013

 " Bunny with Baby Angora "

some of the animals have been
in my healing program

 " Jazzie "
Forrest Hill Stable 

 New Baby " Mocha "

Pet Journal


Magical Horses

If It Should Be

 "Angus "

 " Big boy Kwynn "

 " Berni "

 " Shadow-Wolf "

" Mom I need a rest..."

 " Waldi "

" How did you get out ??? "

" Max "

Please light a candle for our "Friends"

Mikah & friend at the  " Bruce Pit "\



  Herbal Healing for Pets

Big Sky Ranch Sanctuary

    Golden Chord Meditation  



Animal Stories  


Cat s Rock