Best Of Breed

Group - Third




 Sheltie Winner  "LANA"



New Champion

July 2014





Karin, I wanted to take this time and thank you for the work you did on Lana. As you know Lana my little Sheltie was not thrilled to go to dog shows, and that’s why I asked for your help. She started off the weekend with two shows in same day, one at 8am and one at 12:30pm. The 8am show was a disaster, she was not happy to say the least to be there and was very scared. Tail tucked between her two legs she went into the ring and never stopped shaking. I decided right there that this would be her last show weekend whether she finished or not. Now came time to groom Lana for her second show of the day. Again she was not happy. I gave her over to her handler and expected the same outcome. Boy was  I ever shocked to see Lana go around the ring, tail out, head up and just enjoying the hole experience. Even when a large wooden table was dropped, she hardly moved when at any other time she would have just fallen apart. That day Lana finished her championship, she won Best of Breed and also a Group 3rd placement. No one could believe it was the same dog that was in the ring that morning. When I got home I called and asked what you had done to my dog. I remember you saying that you started communicating with Lana around 11:30am (so that would explain why she was so freaked out at the 8am show), you explained to her that I was right there and that she shouldn’t be scared and she should be enjoying herself. Well it certainly worked. Thank you so much Karin for all your help.

Anne Brazeau