Chronic  Pain & Depression

Is becoming an increasingly familiar term. But despite the articles in Books for treatment alternatives, very little is known about the cause of Fibromyalgia (FMS) and there remains no cure to date. More than 20 years ago, after a work accident my road of never ending pain began. Within two years consulting dozens of different Doctors, the ongoing stress, FMS had spread throughout my body. Feeling helpless and hopeless, the severe pain, the effects of taking different medications, I could no longer function in any capacity. After many long years having sought out every suggested medical therapy available without any change, it was during that time that I remembered to finally use my own God-given healing talent on myself. Thinking, tuning feeling on a spiritual level by clearing my own energy centres (Chakras ) developing mental control to place the emotional to the side, my mind then became receptive to the energies of Spirit, releasing blockages, balancing my emotional system. To my amazement, it worked for myself, since I had only assisted other people in the past, there was no longer doubt, that after years of learning about the Body, Mind and Soul, and using my God-given gift, I had found a way....I still have FMS but I consider it my friend, however I am in charge now and look at FMS as the source for the many people I became friends with.

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face…
You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
                       Eleanor Roosevelt

Do you have the mystery illness that makes people tired and achy? 

what is fibromyalgia  

Your head, muscles and joints ache. You feel depressed and  fuzzy-brained. You can't sleep at night, and you struggle with fatigue all day. And worst of all, you just don't know what's wrong  with you...If you're like an estimated 20 million others, what's wrong is Fibromyalgia a condition marked by chronic pain, fatigue and numerous tender spots on the body. Experts are still mystified about what causes FMS, but breakthrough studies are shedding some light on this disease - and offering sufferers hope of resuming pain - free lives. If you've already been diagnosed with FMS or think you could have it, ask your doctor about:

Where Fibromyalgia hurts

In addition to chronic  fatigue
and joint pain,
many Fibromyalgia 
 sufferers experience
"18 tender spots".

Stress - depleting activities.
Naturally, dealing with a chronic disease can be stressful, and doctors have long thought that stress- reducing techniques could ease Fibromyalgia symptoms. And now there's proof. Researchers at the University of Louisville in Kentucky report that Fibromyalgia patients who meditated for 30 minutes six days a week reported that it eased insomnia and depression. And while you may feel you shouldn't exercise,
Finnish researchers have discovered this proven stress-buster can also boost energy and reduce depression among Fibromyalgia sufferers.


The difference between CFS and FMS.
Which Disease is Worse?

FM and C FS are distinct diseases that share many of the same symptoms. Problems with sleep, pain, digestion, fatigue, and memory are common to both, yet a trained physician can differentiate between the two. How?

The secret is in the expression of the syndromes' most common symptoms: pain and fatigue. Both often involve pain - muscle pain, head pain, joint pain, and general body pain. But FM takes top honours in this category, involving long-term pain in all four quadrants of the body. FM is also distinguished by "tender points," 18 predefined points on the body that are painful when a specified amount of pressure is applied. If you have C FS, yet suffer with pain all over your body, ask your doctor to do a tender-point test. If you have pain in 11 or more of these points, you probably also have FM.

Fatigue is the hallmark of CFS; yet FM patients may experience severe fatigue as well. The key difference here is that most C FS patients usually pay a huge price for physical exertion - one that frequently involves paralysing fatigue, along with extraordinary malaise, swollen lymph nodes, night sweats, and a host of other symptoms, some of which seem to be caused by immune system activation.

Which disease extracts the greatest toll on its sufferers? Is it the incapacitating pain of FM, or the paralysing fatigue of C FS? That's easy. It's the disease that you have. If you have both, it's the one that you had first, because it's the one that rewrote your life's script and seemed to leave you vulnerable to the second.

In any event, both conditions warrant serious attention by you and your healthcare provider, and both require that you honour your body and give yourself every advantage. Start by avoiding physical, mental, and emotional stress as much as possible, getting plenty of sleep, avoiding junk foods and foods with excess sugar, preservatives, and other chemicals, and by eating a diet filled with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean meats, and non-farmed fish.

Doing it all
University of  Missouri doctors discovered that while medication
 may offer some patients relief, non-drug approaches such as relaxation and
 exercise appear better at alleviating symptoms. Researchers now believe
 that a combination of drugs and self-help techniques may be your best strategy. 

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