To start your Golden Chord mediation:

Go to a comfortable, quiet, place in your house where you can relax without any noises or distractions. No phones, no kids, no traffic. If you must wear headphones and play relaxing music to achieve this, that is fine. Light candles, dim the lights, have photos of your pet and items that remind you of your pet, perhaps toys, bedding, anything that may have their fur still on it with you close by.

Take a couple of slow, very deep breaths to relax. Close your eyes and imagine this wonderful, bright beam of light, a magical golden chord connecting your heart and soul with your animal's heart and soul. When you feel you are completely calm and relaxed, take one very deep breath and hold it for ten seconds or as close to ten seconds as possible. As you release it let the words come out of what you want for your pet. You can encourage your animal to do whatever you feel is the best for them, but only the best intent for your pet, nothing that is selfish for you or your family: It must always be for the good of your animal.

You can tell him that the golden chord is a beacon or thread for them to find their way home. Follow this beautiful golden chord safely home. If they are trapped somewhere, encourage them to break free. If they are running loose, encourage them to go to a trustworthy person who can take them to a shelter or vet. If we have done a map dowsing, or you simply know where your pet is generally located, you can also give your animal directions on how to find his way home. You whispers the words out loud, but you do not have to say them out loud. As long as you are thinking and imagining that golden chord connecting your hearts together, you can say/think the thoughts mentally and your pet will hear them. You are connected on the higher plane, telepathically where ever they may be and they are open to hearing you telepathically, even if you cannot hear them.

You can do the golden chord as many times a day as wish, but even just once a day if that is all that you have time for helps them to know you are still there searching for them..

The most important thing is to remain calm, positive, pure in your heart, and don't place ANY OF YOUR FEARS and worries into the golden chord. Picture what their homecoming will be like, how it will feel like to shower your pet with kisses, hugs and love once they are back. Tell them they have done no wrong and they are not in trouble, you simply want them home to love them again.