Bear, the lost German Shepherd Dog.

Some of the content was told to me by the owner and friends.

The day Bear went for a walk with his mom he had no idea what was ahead of him.
He soon found out when he got hit by a bicycle, the guy drove right into him.
Without any concern for the dog, he left on his bike. Bear was spooked and in shock,
when he bolted away on August 21.. A few days later I read in my news feed
 about Bear. I ask
the angels to watch over him, and that he would be found soon.
 I shared his picture on my page to reach a wider audience. There had been sightings of him
 limping, unfortunately nobody stopped long enough to get him. Bear was out on his own
close to a week, when I had another look at his picture, wondering if he had been found.
No such luck, looking at his energy centers I knew he was in trouble.
 He had no energy flow, all seven chakras were closed, and he was in pain.
I put his chakras back in balance making sure, they would stay in balance.
I looked at a map on my computer and the last spot he had been seen.
 Using my dowsing tool I was able to pick up vibrations tracing the spots on my
map. On Friday evening when I connected with Bear for healing, he was in trouble.
All energy centers had gone down again, in particular his heart chakra.
I re- balanced him to make sure that he was getting trough the night.
Saturday afternoon I drove to the corner he had been seen last. I was amazed
meeting up with people, who where looking for Bear too. I told them
what I had been doing for the dog, and that I wanted to see if my map was right.
 I was sure since I got the response from my dowsing tool following the direction
in the field, where we found foot prints in the wet ground.

They also told me that the owner was searching day and night with the help of friends and
neighbours, hoping to find him. I finally met with Bearís Dad Saturday afternoon and learned,
that Bear didnít know any of the area he was travelling. Looking at him, showed me the whole
Impact the bicyclist had created that day for everyone involved, On my way home I knew what
 I had to do the only way I know. In my spiritual healing work I connect with angelic beings and
spirit guides, this time I prayed to connect with extra guides for Bear. I used the Golden Chord
 Meditation which is one of the most powerful tools to connect energetically with animals.
 urging them to follow the path, trough the connection of the Golden Chord to find there way
home. Sunday morning I looked at my map again, the vibrations I picked up moved away from
 the Greenbelt area towards Hazeldean Rd. I informed the owner of my findings, and he was
on his way once again, hoping to find Bear. I had no other news on Sunday so I made sure
that Bear was in balance and he stayed calm, to be able of finding his way back.
 By Monday morning Sept 02 I had not heard from  the owner. I could only imagine what
  he was going trough since he was searching for his dog, for the past two weeks.

  Around lunch time I made another call wanting to let him know that I was
all over the map, and it didnít make any sense to me. Hi, came the answer I was about to
 tell him when I heardÖHe is home !!! Bear scratched at 6 am in the morning on the back
 door and woke his Dad up. I thought I was hearing things, Bear had found his way
back home. I told the owner about my journey with
Bear and knew without any doubt,
that he had been guided and protected from the " Angels and other Heavenly Beings "
all the way, until he was back

The Golden Chord  meditation  is one of the most important and powerful tools that you (the pet parent) can use to urge your pet to find their way home because your souls are linked energetically by a metaphysical "golden chord." This has been known to work no matter where your pet may be located.

The purpose of the Golden Chord is to calm your animal down so that they can think about where they are and what they are doing. If you as their pet parent, their soul connection are upset, scared, and constantly worried, most likely so are they.

If we can get you calmer, you can help them remain calm and less stressed too, no matter what they are facing and where they are. When your animal is calm, they can think and behave intelligently and make rational decisions about how to get home. Many times, the lost animal goes into "survival" mode (fight or flight). The animal is so concerned about food, water, people, cars, noise and other environmental factors that they won't take the time to stop and think about a way out of their predicament or situation and back track in the direction they have come from (home.)