In Loving Memory

My sweet Nikky crossed at 14.5 years old
 Oct 25.2017

Tessa (Fancy) would have turned 6 years old
Oct 09.2013.
I rescued her from a horrible breeder.

 I was able to give her all the love in the world for the six months she was with me.

You are with me in my heart every day.
Sweet little  Tessa...

Sweet Daisy crossed at 14 years old.
Dec 14 2006-Oct 10. 2021

Gizmo - July 2011

My little man Mikah at only six years old, crossed over
the bridge. You are with me every day. You took  my
heart and soul,  love and miss you sweet little man.

Dec 23.2006 - Jan 12.2012

Spook - January 2012


It is with broken hearts that we say this..
last night between 9pm and midnight,
February 29th, 2008, one of the bravest
souls we have ever had the Honour 
of knowing crossed over the
 rainbow bridge.  He passed quietly
in his sleep, surrounded by his two
sisters, Kisses and Sunday, at the only
real home he had ever known.
There are no words to describe
 the loss and  emptiness that we feel.
Earlier in the evening he had his weekly
 check up and blood work done,
with normal temperature, normal heart
rate, and lots, and lots of weight gain
since his last check up.

Windchill last his fight...


Two Souls United
Jeff & Windchill

The experts warned us from the beginning
not to get our hopes up, because the odds
were just overwhelmingly stacked against him.

 We never told Windchill that. We accepted each day
 with him as a gift, we watched his progress in awe,
as did the entire nation. This little horse  became a beacon
 of hope for so many who had lost faith in humanity.
He taught us that no matter what happens
in your life,

No matter how unfair, you can still have faith
and you can find love good in the world

If It Should Be


We don't know where to start.
On Saturday, February 9th we 
rescued a 9 month old Walkaloosa
 (Tennessee Walker - Appaloosa cross)
at a farm in the area. Frigid conditions
(-10F) mixed with high winds  (30mph,
wind chill of -50F) finally overcame
the little guy's already weakened condition.
Suffering from dehydration,
malnourishment, hypothermia and
frostbite, we loaded the colt we've been
calling Wind Chill into one of our
horse trailers and raced for home. 

Windchill's last Ride

The Cruelty towards the
most vulnerable, inflicted by humans,
leaves me speechless.
Picture's  by Raindance Farms.

After cremation, he will be brought home for a
proper burial. Once the tears have eased up
  and we can think clearly again,

we will be starting a Foundation in his Honour.
His brave fight will not have been in vain.

Kathi Davis and Jeff Tucker

  Care team   

"Ivan" went to heaven at age 17

" Renegade" passed on Oct.23.2008
 only 3years old,
   with his beloved family at his side .

"Mom" I love you
Big Holla Baby Weiney 1 year old...
Sept 06.2009

I am still numb with pain, my beautiful Shadow-Wolf went home to his dad at 10 years old. You are greatly missed, and will be forever in my heart.
Dec 05.2009

The Angel for all animals

 Camillo "Nov 20.2008, peacefully after
   a long beautiful life was called home.

"Mon Ami" Oct 2008 age 8,
crossed the Bridge. 

"Majic" has gone home I miss you.
July 12,2006

 "Jordie " in 2005
followed Kira over the bridge.

"Freddycat"went to heaven he was about
14 years old...


"Kara - Marie"went to heaven
Dec 27,2004 at age 10

"Spencer " Nov 11,2006 at age 14
  has crossed over the bridge.

Was called back home in March 2007
but remains forever in his Moms heart.

"Smooch" went to heaven at age 16

went to heaven at age nine, 2005

"Tiffany Atkins" crossed the bridge

Lupie left her beloved Mom May,2005

Peace at Rainbowbridge  

" Tegra " crossed the bridge
at age 10. 2000