"Zoey from  PEI"

Zoey got lost while visiting Ottawa from PEI on November 18th, 2013 and was found after 15 days later
with the help of hundreds of generous people.


Many, many thanks for the massive out-pouring of support, prayers and stories. It's over-whelming how generous and kind the people of Ottawa have been. People have offered to help look but we are unsure as to where to go, unfortunately, but will be patrolling Mooney's Bay this evening. After we had chased Zoey through a 2200 acre lot of land yesterday she was spotted in the next fields over, across Greenbank (a heavily traffic road) in the experimental farmland. People were waiting in traffic and rolling down their windows asking, "are you looking for Zoey?" And "did you see Zoey? Good luck!"

Zoey is one popular pooch!


Maureen & Dave never gave up looking for Zoey...


When we lost our dog, Zoey, we were at our wits end as we had no idea where she was for five days.
She was lost for 15 days total. During those days, Karin was devoted to helping us find her.

  She gave us excellent ideas of where she was and continually gave her healing energy to help her through the frigid cold and lack of food.
Although Zoey lost almost a third of her body weight in those 15 days, when we found her she bounced back quickly
and recovered fully, no doubt with the help of Karin sending her healing and colours.

We are very grateful to Karin, and can honestly say she was a genuine help through a very difficult time.

Eternally thankful, Maureen