My Spencer


January 5, 2000, I was in town shopping and planning on meeting my brother, his family and an out of  town niece for dinner.  We had a great time and when the meal was over, and we were returning to our vehicles, I discovered that my pickup truck had been stolen. Not only the truck, but my beloved beagle, Spencer. Panic reigned supreme!!!

I had left my cell phone in the truck and at my urging got my brother to call  it. The thief answered not once but three times. Subsequent police investigation revealed that the truck was on its way to Montreal.

At that time, my niece, Pam worked in the same building as the Ottawa Sun. When she reported into work the next morning, somewhat bleary eyed and sleep deprived, the suggestion was made to tell the Sun.
Well that just opened a whole flood of media coverage, newspapers, radio, and TV, the coverage was extensive. My phone began ringing as people heard about it. Everyone was so concerned and offering to help, or put money up for a reward.

One of these calls came from Karin Nischer, who offered to assist in any way she could, and told me of the different ways she could help Spencer,
since I had told her he had an infected Eye, and chances of the Eye healing without his medication were slim.

What a God send she was, She went out, with a friend of mine, Siobhan and traveled miles searching for him but all in vain.
From the day my Spencer was stolen She  said she could tune in to him and keep sending healing energy,
and keep balancing his energy centers to survive his ordeal until he was found.

This was a totally new area for me to explore, but I had nothing to loose, than to put may faith in to  Karin ' s work and God.
She also contacted her native friend "Silverhand" for me, who like Karin assured me, Spencer would be home in the Spring.

They were right!!!

May 4, 2000 a phone call came from an SPCA in the east end of Montreal. A dog had been turned in there with Spencer ' s ear tattoo.

You see, before he left he was due for eye surgery, and I had been administering drops frequently. I knew left untreated he would be in much pain, and blind before long.
I knew in my heart that his chances for survival as someone else’ s pet would be nil, if he also became a medical expense.

However, it was the countless phone calls I made to Karin in the evenings that kept me sane during those long bleak winter months.
At her suggestion I lit a candle every night for him. Her constant assurance that he was and would be okay ,and the eye was fine made my life bearable.

Now this is one of the amazing things, on his return, his eye looked perfect, but within a week, it had flared up to what it was before he was dog napped.
Since Spencer was home Karin had stopped her intense healing work on him. I will always be in your debt, I only regret that I did not post this before now.

 There is much, much more to his story, but without this important factor, I have always felt it would have had a different ending.

Thank you Karin Nikischer, may God always bless you, and those you care so much for.

Shirley Dowser.

Spencer today is 13 1/2 years old, and his eyesight is fine. Just recently I called upon Karin for her healing powers again.
Once again, she was willing and able to help, and once again this old friend of mine is on the mend.

Throughout his ordeal, I could never reveal who he actually was.
He was a "Show Beagle," both an "American" and "Canadian Champion."

He was also an "American Best In Show Beagle "and his contributions to the gene pool have been tremendous.
However, it was so important that this factor not be revealed or the chances of getting him returned would have been reduced to nil.

Spencer is no longer a producer, and the true facts behind the abduction of 
  "Am BIS Am/Can Ch Bayou Oaks English Leather" can at last be told.

Spencer' s semen is now frozen at Queens University ,to keep his exceptional blood-line alive.

Thank you Shirley for your beautiful story and the faith you have in me. I knew how difficult it was for you not to go public
when you told me why, but God was with you all the way and brought your beloved "Spencer "home.

My update

Spencer had six more beautiful years and is now in his final fight with congestive heart failure, I am sending healing and comfort,
until he will  cross over the Rainbow Bridge. My love will go with him on his last journey.

Nov 11,2006
Shirley's beloved Spencer at age 14, has crossed over the bridge.

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