Living Spiritually

Many of us may have thought of a spiritual life as one of self-imposed seclusion, austerity, poverty, and celibacy. But while this is one choice for living, it isn't for all,
or even most of us. We can live fully enjoying work, recreation, comfort, and various relationships with others, while still maintaining our spirituality.

Only when  we become obsessed with the external things in our lives do they spiritually means knowing that everything we need and - want.
Love, peace, joy, serenity, safety, and hope-comes to us from our Higher Power.
It means taking time to remind ourselves that we are spiritual, and not just physical beings.

Knowledge leads to Understanding, and Understanding leads to Compassion.
"We must have compassion for all living things."

In living, we learn; in learning, we advance; in advancing,
we eventually become our true selves....

" Buddha "

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and demand that they Respect


They say that God never gives us more than we can bear, but when we're not feeling well, it's hard to keep believing that.
You fulfill your life through

Reverence, Compassion devoted Service, and  universal Love. Others determine your Reputation. You determine your Character.

When we are compassionate, we are able to understand others from deep within ourselves. This attitude brings a light that reveals truth and the love that transforms and heals. To be compassionate is to be equal, one with another, as with one self. Life is sometimes filled with hustle and bustle and deadlines and commitment what is really important is simply each other, and the times we share together.