My  Special Kids

The Kids I have attended to are either by meeting them, or in working distance on their problem.
I have chosen not to 
show their pictures to keep their identity private. These kids range in age from 3 months up, and are from around the world. Their problems reach from  ADD, Asthma, Mono, Chronic Fatigue, to  Bedwetting, and emotional problems.

One special  child ....
  " Nina " 
has a genetic problem known as the....
    "MPS 3 A Syndrome " 


The knowledge that  unseen energy flows through all living things, and directly corresponds to one’s quality of health, is part of the wisdom of many cultures since ancient times. The existence of “life force energy” has been verified by recent scientific experiments. Many members of the healthcare community now embrace the role the internal invisible energy channels, which circulate life force energy ,bolstering the immune system aiding in detoxification and overall healing.

My special Angel 




De Vante




Heather Nina Casey Brett


Michael Andrew Ethan Lauren Gordon Cory
Melf     Chris  Matthew Rose  Michael    Kathy Meike    Malte

Healing Journal
Please write your story,and have your name added to my healing list.